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Vehicle Designations

The vehicles have been identified as accurately as possible, by comparing visible features with drawings, photographs and lists of modifications. Whenever possible, original German vehicle names are used. In order to keep names consistent, however, some liberties have been taken.

As an example, early in the war, the Sturmgeschütz III was officially called Sturmgeschütz 40. Rather than using two different names for what is, essentially, the same vehicle, Sturmgeschütz III is used throughout.

Sources of Photograph Details

Detailed information about locations, dates and units comes from several sources. Sometimes, information is written on the back of the photographs. More commonly, however, information has to be derived from other sources.

Some information can be deduced from information on the photograph. For example, a knocked-out tank with solid-white Balkenkreuze would be from the German invasion of Poland. Combined with visible landmarks and unit records, this can sometimes allow for very precise identification.

Additional information has been gathered from many different books, too many to list. Internet sources, especially the Axis History Forum and Missing-lynx Axis WWII forum, have also been very helpful.

I would like to thank the following persons, who have provided information not otherwise available:

Use of Photographs

Published Works

I am happy to work with authors and publishers to provide high-resolution scans for books and magazines. Send me an e-mail at webmaster@panzerphotos.com with a few details about your project and a list of the photographs you are interested in using.

Websites and Forums

You are welcome to use up to 10 of my photographs on your website and on forums without prior permission, under the following conditions:


If you have any questions or comments about this site, you are welcome to contact me at webmaster@panzerphotos.com. If you have general question about World War II, I recommend the Axis History Forum and Tanks in World War 2 Forum.