Foreign Vehicles

US Vehicles

US Light Tank, M2A2 or M2A3 fording a river.

Russian vehicles

Destroyed T-26.
Group of destroyed T-26's.
Destroyed twin-turreted T-26.
Destroyed Russian BA-10 armored car.
Abandoned T-20 "Komsomolets" light artillery tractor.
A Chelyabinsk ChTZ S-65 "Stalinez" in German service, towing a Mercedez truck. The tractor, inspired by the US Caterpillar Sixty, was much better suited for the Russian muddy spring than anything the Germans could field.
Another photo of a ChTZ S-65 in German service (most likely the same as above), towing a long column of vehicles through the mud.

Hungarian Vehicles

Two Toldi tanks of the Mobile Corps parade down Adrássy Boulevard in Budapest after returning from the Eastern Front.

Finnish Vehicles

A collection of Finnish vehicles during the Winter War. From right to left: T-26 model 1933, T-26 model 1938, T-26 model 1931 and two Vickers 6 ton.