Jagdpanther in Imperial War Museum, London

Rear left side.
Left side, showing the cut-away section (notice the armour thickness).
Internal view of the drivers location. A better view of the armour thickness.
Another view of the drivers position. The instument dials are unfortunately missing.
The drivers seat. Judging from the rough appearence, I would think this is the original fabric.
The floor area immidiately below the drivers seat.
As above, but from a different angle.
Close-up of the main gun.
Another lose-up of the main gun.
The rear of the Jagdpanther.
Close-up of the locking mechanism for the stowage bin.
Rear right side, showing three of the impact holes, the rear one penetrating the engine compartment.
Close-up of the forward group of three impact holes, penetrating the fighting compartment, one of which have caused the armour to crack slightly.
The rear fighting compartment, seen through one of the impact holes.
Another view through the impact holes, looking at the main gun.
Close-up of a roadwheel.
Close-up of the space between the right driving wheel and first roadwheel.
Right drive wheel.
Close-up of the tracks.
Close-up of the right side tool stowage frame.
A look into the engine compartment, though the rearward impact hole.
Engine deck.
Engine deck, different angle.
A look through the rear hatch.
Close-up of the plate below the rear hatch.
A close-up through the rear hatch.
Side view of the rear hatch.
Close-up of the drivers periscope.
Frontal view of the Jagdpanther.
Another frontal view of the Jagdpanther.
A look down into the Jagdpanther from above.
Overview of the engine deck.
Overview of the roof. Notice that two hatches have been replaced by wooden ones.
Size comparison of the Jagdpanther.
Close-up of the headlight.
Close-up of the damaged sheet metal guard.
Close-up of the weld line between the glacis plate and right-side armour plate.

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